About Us


In 1996, I found myself dealing with a curious two-year old and often at the end of my rope as I tried to prevent her from coming to harm, while still allowing her the freedom to learn about her world.  Needless to say, I needed some help, and there were limited options to find it.  Even back then, I wondered about resources to learn what I needed to know as new Dad.

Today’s parents understand the importance of making their homes safe places where children can learn, play and explore the world around them as they grow. I started KidSafe as a company in 1997 committed to helping parents keep their own little pieces of the universe as kid-friendly as possible.

At KidSafe, we strive to provide products and share knowledge that will give parents added peace of mind and help them create safer spaces for the little people for whom they are responsible.  We love learning about great innovations, handy helpers, and even time-saving tips and tricks to help you be a better parent and protector—and we pass on that knowledge whenever possible.

I’m happy to report that my little girl is now 19 and heading off to college and that KidSafe—the little website business that started in my garage in 2006 -- has come into its own as a Top 1000 Online Retailer.

Today, KidSafe sells a large variety of high-quality baby proofing supplies for homes, churches, offices, daycares, and even medical facilities. Baby proofing products are specialty items that are often difficult or impossible to find in your local hardware or retail store… and yet, they are absolutely necessary and are often the only thing between the kids we love and disaster.   In addition to mainstream products, KidSafe offers up a variety of more unique child-proofing items from small manufacturers with great ideas. We look for the highest quality in the brands we agree to carry -- and our products often surpass the products you might find in retail stores for pure quality and craftsmanship.  Years of experience in the baby proofing business have taught us the value of quality, durability, and fair prices, and these are the foundation of KidSafe – a company you can count on when it counts the most.

 Michael Hixson, President, KidSafe Inc.

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