Car seats are often installed incorrectly

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A simple act together with a simple piece of equipment can do wonders. There are children who have been involved in vehicular collisions and different accidents but have survived it all because of the safety provided by car seats. However, just as high as these numbers are, there is also an alarmingly rising number of preventable deaths caused by improper car seat installation and related issues.

The most basic of steps is of course choosing a credible and reliable brand. If you have a friend or relative who has personally recommended the quality of a certain car seat brand, then go for it. Otherwise, a bit of research might be necessary. Another mistake often committed - especially by first-time parents and parents who are always on the run - is tucking the child in the wrong position. Parents must keep in mind that the placing of the child is dependent on different factors, such as the age and weight of the child. Similarly, the placement of the car seat - in front and next to the driver’s seat or in the back seat - depends on the child’s age and weight as well. These must be taken into consideration along with other things before starting the engine.

Other mistakes are rather due to rash decision making, such as improperly buckling the seat up or not checking if the seat is sturdy and steady. Learn more about the common mistakes and what should be done instead from this article by experts at the Mayo Clinic website.

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