Shipping & Tax ( 3 faqs in this section )

» What are your shipping costs?
Shipping costs are based on the total of your order and the speed of delivery chosen. Shipping costs will be displayed in your Shopping Cart. Standard Shipping is Free.

» What are my shipping options?
We offer 4 choices; Priority Mail (2-3 days), Ground (3-7 days), 2 Day delivery, and Overnight delivery.
» Do you charge sales tax?
We have facilities in California and charge sales tax for shipments delivered there.

Shipping Notifciation ( 1 faqs in this section )

» Will I be notified of order shipment?
Yes, you will receive an email when your order is shipped. This email will contain the tracking number for the shipment.

Orders ( 5 faqs in this section )

» Will I receive confirmation of my order?
Yes, you will receive an email confirmation of your order right after it is placed. Please check it over for any mistakes.
» When will backordered items ship?
We will ship your backordered items as soon as we receive them. You will receive an email when it ships with tracking information.
» At which stores can I buy these products?
Most of the products we sell are not available in local stores because they neglect the child safety category. They may stock a few low quality items. KidSafe has a large selection of high quality items that we can ship anywhere.
» Can I place a phone order?
Yes, please call us toll-free at 877-228-4501 and we will take your order.
» I have not received my Canadian order yet, when will it arrive?
Sometimes orders are unexpectedly delayed by Customs. If your order was shipped via UPS you can track it's progress. If your order was sent with the U.S. Postal service there is not any tracking information.

Account ( 1 faqs in this section )

» Should I create an account?
Creating an account with us makes it easier for you to shop with us in the future. The system will remember your address and email making it easier to re-order. Creating an account is optional.

Products ( 10 faqs in this section )

» How do I attach a gate to a wrought iron railing?
Your best bet is to attach a Gate Mounting Kit first. See the Products in our category 'Baby Gate Mounting Kits'. These kits contain all the parts and hardware needed. You basically attach a board to the wrought iron and then mount the gate on that.
» When do I need a Gate Mounting Kit?
You will most likely need a kit if you have the following conditions; You are mounting to a hollow wall, You are mounting to a wall with a thick baseboard, You are mounting to a wrought iron railing, You are mounting to a decorative wood post.
» What are framed cabinets and which cabinet locks work with them?
Framed cabinets are usually traditional style cabinets that have extra wood around the edges of the door. As opposed to contemporary or Euro-style cabinets which have no surround and you see only door fronts. 
» Which type of cabinet locks work with frame-less or Euro-style cabinets?
Any two piece lock will work. This means that you will need a lock with a separate catch piece that is mounted inside the cabinet with a lock that is mounted on the door. We carry the following; Safe Lok, Tot Lok, S3362, and others.
» Will your cabinet locks also work at drawers?
Yes, most of our cabinet locks will also lock drawers. The installation may be a little more involved than with cabinet doors. Please call with questions.
» Which Baby Gate would you recommend for exterior use.
Most metal or wood gates will not weather well in the outdoors. The #SS30-OD Stairway Special is a good choice because it is aluminum and will not rust.
» Should I install a pressure gate at the top of a stairway?
It is not recommended because pressure gates can be dislodged by a determined child.
» How do I cushion the edge of an irregular hearth?
The Hearth Cushions that we sell are made for standard rectangular hearths. We can special order padding that will fit hearths that have an irregular shape or angle. Please give us a call.
» Do you have a product to protect baseboard heaters?
Unfortunately, there are no products on the market to address this issue. It may a good idea to create a barrier to them with furniture if possible.
» How do I baby proof my screen door?
You can add a hook & eye type lock or a slide-bolt that you can find at your local hardware store.