Holiday Cooking the Safe Way

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Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season and all those delicious feasts.

The kitchen however can be a very dangerous place especially for the kids. Cooking equipment, most often the range or stove top, is the leading cause of reported home fires and injuries in the United States.

A child can be seriously injured by hot liquids, steam or fire, or an unattended hot-pot or pan can easily be grabbed by a curious little one.

It's always fun to cook with the kids during the holidays, but be sure to protect your child by turning all pot handles inward,  never leave kids alone by a hot stove and be sure to have a working fire extinguisher near your kitchen.

Some other great ways to protect your children in the kitchen is by using a "Stove Guard" which prevents your child from reaching a hot-pot and pulling it down on themself.  "Stove Knob Covers" lock your stoves knobs so a burner can not be turned on by a curious toddler and  an "Oven Front Lock" prevents a hot oven from being opened by a busy little chef.

So remember have a safe and happy holiday and don't forget to make an extra large turkey - you can never have enough left over turkey!

Happy Holidays from the staff at Kidsafe.

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