KidCo Auto Close Gateway, With Pressure Mounts For Easy Installation

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The KidCo "Auto Close Gateway"  safety gate model (G1100 and G1101) installs like a breeze!

The Auto Close Gateway has many nice features, starting with the fact that it's a pressure mounted gate, so there is no need for tools, you can pop it right up.

It also features a unique handle design with "Magnet-Lock Technology" that automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each time. That's a great feature if your hands are full. It also has a hold-open button that secures the door in an open position when needed.

Remember with the pressure mount gate there is no worry of damage to your wall or doorways.

The gates basic width is 29"-37" and 29.5" in height. With this gate you do have the option to buy extensions for openings up to 47.5", making it a very versatile gate.

So if safety is at the fore front of your mind, but you also don't want to harm your walls or door jams the "Auto Close Gateway" by Kidco is the answer, it's versatile, made of a heavy-duty steel , has an auto-close door and is a pressure mount so it wont harm walls and needs no tools to install.

Safety Tip: Never place a pressure mounted gate at the top of a stair.

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