KidCo Auto Close Hearth Gate Provides Protection From Your Fireplace or Wood Stove

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When it comes to fireplace safety this gate leads the pack! The new KidCo "Auto Close Hearth Gate"  model G3100 (formerly G70) is a versatile and sturdy gate that is not only a gate to protect your little ones from the dangers of the fireplace but it also turns into a play yard.

The Auto Close Hearth Gate by KidCo  provides maximum safety around  a fireplace of any shape and size. It is equipped with Magnetic-Lock Technology which draws the door closed automatically and guarantees it locks every time. It also has a Hold Button that secures the door open.

One of the best features of this versatile gate/play yard is that the joints easily rotate making placement options for this gate endless.

It  boasts a 30" door section and it can be placed anywhere. The basic gate width is 132" and will fit a space of up to 6', and the height is 31" - but 19" and 24" extensions are also available for purchase and you can add any number of extensions to the gate - making this a gate that will virtually cover any fireplace out there.

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