KidCo Gateway Pressure Mounted Gate, One Of the Easiest Gates to Install

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The "Gateway"  model G1000 and G1001 by KidCo offers the safety of a gate but not all the hassle of a hardware mount gate - in other words you can pop it right up.

This gate is perfect for the heavily traveled doorways or room openings. It has a one of a kind handle design that integrates Pressure-Plus technology which forces additional outward pressure on the door opening, giving the gate extra stability.

The "Gateway" has an easy one hand operation, won't harm your walls and installs quickly - no tools needed.

The basic gate width is 29"-37" and is 29.5" high. You can also buy extensions for openings up to 6'.

The ease and functionality of this pressure mounted gate make it a must have for that busy doorway in your home.

Safety Tip: Never place a pressure mounted gate at the top of a stair case.

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