KidCo's Angle Mount Wood Safeway Gates Offer Great Protection and Stylish Looks

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The beautiful  KidCo Angle Mount Wood Safeway Gate  model G2300 and G2301 (formerly G32) has some very nice features, such as a directional stop, that prevents the gate from swinging out over the stairs, hardware that enables installation on mounting points that are not straight across from each other and the wood is a furniture grade hardwood construction.

The basic gate is 28.5"-43" and has a height of 31", and it boasts a classic oak  or cherry finish.

The "Angle Mount Wood Safeway" by KidCo can also be mounted at the top of the stairs insuring your little ones don't get into areas out of your sight.

So if you're looking for a gate that provides maximum protection and yet still has a stylish hardwood finish - look no more, the Angle Mount Safeway Gate is the answer.

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