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Hazardous Toys Every Parent Should Know About

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As a parent, your work is never done. Each and every day, you need to keep a weathered eye open to ensure your children are safe. On the one hand, there are more products than ever before to help make this job easier. Everything from baby monitors to child gates are designed to aid you in being the best parent possible. However, on the other hand, there are also more and more products that can enter your child’s life and pose serious threats. Unfortunately, this sometimes means the toys you provide them.

Let’s look at three categories of toys that are currently on the market, but should not end up in your child’s hands. We’ve split these 24 toys into three types:

  • Those that pose toxic hazards
  • Those that pose ingestion hazards
  • Those that pose choking hazards

Toys That Pose Toxic Hazards

Your children should go nowhere near these five toys because of the toxic chemicals they contain, which could put your little ones’ lives in danger. The five toys are:

  • Dora the Explorer Backpack
  • Leopard Pattern Rubber Duck
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates Tamburine
  • Hello Kitty Bracelet and Hair Clips Accessory Set
  • Badge Playset

Toys That Pose Ingestion Hazards

Due to how small they are, these toys could be easily ingested by your children. Obviously, you never want your child to swallow anything that isn’t food, which is why these three items are on our list of hazardous toys:

  • Buckyballs
  • Sonic Sound Sizzlers Noise Magnets
  • The Mini Set

Even if you keep a keen eye on your children when they are playing with these toys, you can never be too careful. In the blink of an eye, they could easily swallow these items and you may not even know it until they begin complaining.

Toys That Pose Choking Hazards

We have identified 16 toys that are potential choking hazards. This is an especially scary threat because of how easily choking can lead to death: a parent’s worst nightmare. As such, we can’t strongly recommend enough against these toys:

  • Mega Value Pack 16 Latex Punch Balloons
  • Shopping Cart Playset
  • Rubber Bouncy Ball
  • Favors Surprises (spiral drawing pieces)
  • Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Figurine Playset
  • Magic Towel Football
  • Princess Party Favors Surprises
  • Grow Metallix Mega Gro-Bot
  • Disney Figurines—Winnie the Pooh—Piglet
  • Wind Up Fun
  • Our Generation, Sydney Lee and “Stars in Your Eyes”
  • Grow Color Changers
  • Magic Towel Baseball
  • Mix and Co. Headband
  • Endushape 80 Pieces Textured Blocks
  • Cheruble Cetacean

Like the choking hazard toys, these items would be easy for your child to put in their mouth in a split-second, where it could soon obstruct their normal breathing and cause all sorts of problems.

Giving your youngster a toy is meant to help them enjoy their childhood even more. However, if you give them any of the 24 toys identified above, they could all too easily become seriously ill or even worse.


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