Avoid Baby Gate Dangers

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In the past 20 years baby gate related injuries have nearly quadrupled. There are now on average 1,800 injuries a year related to the use of baby gates. The leading injury from baby gates for children over the age of 2, occurs from falls down stairs. Improperly mounted gates, or using pressure mounted gates at the top of the stairs has been a large contributing factor in these injuries. It is important to remember that all baby gates are not intended for the same use. Pressure mounted gates should never be used at the top of the stairs but are perfectly acceptable for use at the the bottom of the stairs as well as dividing rooms. Hardware mounted gates are the best choice for mounting at the top of the stairs as they cannot be pushed over. However, it is important to double check that the gate is installed correctly as well as to routinely check to make sure the mounting hardware and hinges are in good working condition. 

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