Childproofing Your Child

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You've childproofed indoors and outdoors as best you can. You've considered all the possibilities for trouble at home and away, and you're super careful whatever you are doing. The next step is to childproof your child through education and example.

  • Talk to your child about safety as you go about your daily routines and activities. Use words that your child will come to associate with safety such as danger, poison, hot, sharp, don't touch, stop. This worked extremely well with our own daughter.
  • Lead by example, model safe behaviors in and around the home.
  • Make reasonable safety rules and repeat them often. Be firm.
  • Praise your child for showing good safety behavior and forethought.
  • Talk about street safety as you walk around your neighborhood. Explain crosswalks, signals, and safety rules.
  • Have your child practice reciting their name, address, and phone number at an early age.
  • Set up pretend emergencies and let your child practice responding.
  • Teach your preschooler how to dial '911' in an emergency.
  • At the age of three introduce the concept on 'stranger danger'.

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