How To Child Proof Windows

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  • Be sure your child won't fall out of a window. Open double-hung windows from the top. Consider using a burglar latch which will allow the lower sash to open only a few inches.
  • Install window guards.
  • Don't leave furniture or any object that can be climbed upon near a window.
  • Hang curtain out of your crawling child's reach so he or she can't pull them down.
  • Secure drapery cords to the floor or tie them up out of reach. Tie cords to blinds and curtain by clipping them high up with clothespins or wrapping them around cleats mounted high so your baby can't reach them. Children can wrap them around their necks creating a strangulation hazard. You can receive free retrofit kits with safety tassels, tie-down devices and installation instructions by calling the Window Covering Safety Council at 1-800-506-4636.
  • Use a window lock to safely lock "open" sash windows to a safe height. These locks attach at the top or side of a window preventing it from being opened any further. They can easily be adjusted to any size opening and don't prevent the window form closing.

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