Second-Hand Baby Gear: Does The Value Outweigh The Possible Danger

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Many parents may view buying or borrowing second-hand baby gear as  economical and eco-conscious. It may be hard to resist friends and relatives that want to save you the money of buying something new. However this can put your baby at risk because those products might not meet current safety standards.  There have been great advancements in products over the years, and many products are recalled for safety issues. It is imperative that you check for a recall ( before you purchase or consider using older, used equipment. KidSafe often gets calls from people trying to use an older baby gate which has missing hardware. Often those gates are discontinued and hardware may not be available, in that case it would be safer not to use it.

The JPMA has put together a wonderful Baby Safety Month Website with great safety tips on Second Hand Baby Gear. Take a look to learn the Do's an Don'ts of buying used baby gear.

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