Tips For Child Proofing Your Doors

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  • Be aware that any door - front door, bathroom door, basement door - can pose a hazard. Keep them closed.
  • Install safety glass in large windows and French doors. They won't shatter even if a child falls on them. Look for the emblem that signifies tempered glass.
  • Put decals on sliding glass doors so your mobile children won't run into them.
  • Remove door stoppers with rubber caps. These end pieces can be removed and eaten by small children becoming a choking hazard. Replace them with one-piece screw-in door stoppers and attach them to the wall, not the door.
  • Purchase a special guard to keep a patio door locked. Or insert a spring-loaded curtain rod between the outside frame and the edge of a sliding patio door so your child can't open it and slip out. A screen door won't keep a child in.
  • Be sensitive to little fingers getting smashed when closing a sliding door. Consider inserting a small object like a plastic film container so the door can't shut all the way. 
  • Keep folding doors fully open or completely closed to avoid pinched fingers. For the same reason, use a door stop on an automatically closing door you want kept open.
  • Watch out that your child's fingers don't get pinched on the hinge-side of doors between the door and door jamb.
  • Stretch a ball-end ponytail holder over the hinge pin on the inside of a door. This will prevent the door from closing all the way and keep tiny fingers from getting pinched.Or use a door pinch guard.
  • Prevent closed door from being opened by a child by using door knob covers that you buy or make. Make your own by covering a knob with a sock kept in place by a string. An adult hand can squeeze and grip the covered knob. A child's hand is too small to do this.

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