Toy Chest Safety Tips

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  • The best storage for toys is low, open shelves on which your child can see and reach everything easily. Be sure they're mounted low enough so the child doesn't have to climb to get a toy.
  • Check whatever shelves, chests or containers you may use for sharp corners and rough edges. If any are present make sure to use corner cushions and edge cushions to prevent possible injury.
  • Remove a heavy, free-falling lid on a toy chest so it cannot cause head or neck injuries. Putting good-sized cork or wooden blocks on all 4 corners prevents lids from slamming on little fingers and allows for air, should a child get closed inside the chest. The lid should have spring-loaded supports to hold it open at any level. If it doesn't, buy them and attach them to the chest. Better yet, look for a chest that open with sliding panels.

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