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    CLEARANCE, REGULARLY $39.99. When a child goes missing or is critically injured, a parents ability to recall even basic facts about their child can be compromised by overwhelming emotion and worry. For this reason, introduced the My Child ID, a comprehensive digital child identification device that stores critical data. My Child ID is a proactive tool for parents, law enforcement and emergency responders to safeguard children by helping to reduce the time it takes to gather accurate information when time is critical. My Child ID securely organizes and stores information, allowing parents and guardians to update and manage vital information and create profiles for their entire family. The device is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and encapsulated in a kid-friendly elephant shape with a USB connector. My Child IDs technological interface is comprised of proprietary, intuitive information management software, which is secured by an encryption format designed by the National Security Agency.

    • My Child ID stores vital information including:
    • Digital Photos viewed on a LCD digital photo display
    • Vital statistics height, weight, eye and hair color, blood type, etc.
    • Emergency contact information * Medical information medication, allergies, physicians, pharmacies, etc.
    • Contact information for family, friends, teachers, babysitters, etc. (photos, car make, model and license)


    • Wireless digital photo display slideshow
    • Intuitive interface
    • USB connection
    • Software updates available online
    • Information back-up available online (free for one year)
    • English or Spanish language
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
    • 128 MB of storage

    My Child ID is supported online at where information can be securely backed up. Software updates and a Private Alerting feature are also available on the on-line portal. Private Alerting is a service that allows parents to send text messages and/or e-mails to their entire network of trusted contacts using the same alerting technology developed to disseminate AMBER Alerts through the Law Enforcement Alerting Portal (L.E.A.P). The back up and Private Alerting features are free for one year after account activation. The My Child ID integrates with the L.E.A.P., which is available to state AMBER Programs to issue AMBER Alerts at no cost. However, any law enforcement or emergency agency can directly download data from My Child ID using parents password to access critical information. My Child ID provides peace of mind for parents and guardians knowing their childs critical information is accessible and secure. It is also a vital tool for law enforcement and emergency responders, making accurate information readily accessible for rapid response. My Child ID keeps useful information at your fingertips. Quickly access information for back-to-school, going to camp, playing sports or storing contact information for teachers, coaches, friends and care providers. All your childs information in one place; secure and easily accessible. Proceeds from the sale of My Child ID support AmberAlert.coms efforts to provide the Law Enforcement Alerting Portal (L.E.A.P.) to state AMBER Alert Programs at no cost. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from sales will go to benefit non-profit organizations supporting low-income children and families.

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