Need a Gate to Fit an Odd Shape or Position, KidCo's Auto Close Configure Gates Are the Answer

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It can be very hard to find a safety gate to fit an odd-shaped or extra wide opening - but the "Auto Close Configure Gate" model G3000 & G3001 (formerly G80) by KidCo solves that problem.

This safety gate has many great features like the "Magnet-Lock Technology", that automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each time, it also boasts the "Hold Button" that secures the door in an open position. It is made of a heavy-duty steel that will  last for years.

When it comes to the "Auto Close Configure Gate" they really thought of everything - this gate comes with joints that easily rotate, quick release, adjustable wall mount hardware and a 30" door section that can be placed anywhere within the layout, and it comes with a 23" extra wide door opening.

The basic gate width is 84" and will fit an opening up to 6 1/2 ", and is 31" high. This gate also has extra extensions that can be purchased in 9" and 24" sizes.

So if you have an area that is an odd shape, a wide opening or on an angle this is the gate for you, the "Auto Close Configure Gate" fits these areas with ease.

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