Safe Storage Practices for the Home

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Kids are born with an innate and insatiable curiosity. As soon as they can crawl or climb, they’re off exploring. That means opening drawers, cabinets, and storage bins as soon as they know they can. That is why safe storage is such an important part of child safety. To make sure you keep your kids safe, you absolutely must make sure to childproof your home and keep everything from medicine to cleaning supplies away from your little ones.


Over the counter and prescribed medications are the number one source of child poisoning. It’s understandable; after all, most pills are small and colorful and look just like candy. For safe kids, you must keep your medication out of reach. Don’t leave pills in your nightstand or in a purse. Put them out of reach on the top shelf medicine cabinet or in a locked drawer. Consider installing safety locks or locking straps on your cabinets and drawers. Even things like diaper rash cream or eye drops can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so be sure to keep any chemical products out of reach.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies can also be incredibly dangerous for children. Most families keep their cleaning supplies in convenient locations like under the sink or in the bottom of the pantry, but children can easily get into those areas if you aren’t vigilant. Only use safe storage techniques for cleaning supplies like glass cleaner, toilet and tub cleaner and bleach. Use door and drawer locks to keep your kids safe from caustic chemicals, used rags, and harsh cleaners.

Furniture and Appliances

Even things like heavy furniture or appliance can be a hindrance to keeping kids safe. Children may climb on bookshelves or entertainment centers and could conceivably pull heavy television sets, computer monitors, and other appliances down on top of themselves. For any objects that could be pulled loose, it’s important to secure them to the wall or built-in shelving unit to avoid accidents caused by curious climbers.

If you want safe kids, you must always practice safe storage techniques. Luckily, by taking some easy preventative measures and making sure you have safe and secure storage, you can make sure to protect your kids from these and other common household dangers.

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