Snazzy Baby Knee Pads

Snazzy Baby Knee Pads

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    Snazzy Baby Knee Pads are four layers of wonderful! Crafted from premium Neoprene, they are secured with Velcro straps to give baby some shock absorbency and additional comfort as he or she learns to crawl.

    • Stop bumps and bruises before they happen!
    • Great for older kids learning to skate or ride a bicycle
    • Use for children four months through four years in age
    • Non-slip, super-safe design
    • Natural feel for baby
    • One size design in multiple colors to suit
    • Great wear and very durable
    • Machine wash
    • Keeps baby moving!
    • Works on a variety of flooring surfaces
    • Keeps little knees bruise free!
    • A great option for special needs kids, including those who suffer from Hemophilia, Cerebral Palsy, and Muscular Dystrophy.

    Gives parents peace of mind! Choose blue, teal, or sweet pink hues. Two pieces per package.

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    • Kneepads By SnazzyBaby

    Kneepads By SnazzyBaby

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