"I am a director of a large preschool for disabled children. I ordered several products from KidsSafe. I have been looking for a one-stop store that not only has a wide variety of everything I look for but also gave me new ideas for problems Ive had. I bought several "barriers", outlet safety, wire covers, and linings for the edges of low tables. I am so pleased with all of these well made and innovative products. Quick delivery! and they all work so well and LOOK great! Great ideas, excellent products! I'm going back for more! Please at least check out their website. You'll be impressed! J. Frisina 

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"Hello, my name is Kelly Goggans and I placed an order via your online site on 11/26/07 (order number 5257). I have to compliment you on several things: First, your website is FABULOUS!!! I have a 3 year & 18 mos old sons and I only wish I found your site prior to this week. It is the most user friendly site I think I have ever visited! When I initially child-proofed my home for my first son, I went to Babies R Us. Where they had a single aisle dedicated to child-proofing, you have an entire warehouse!!!! Many of the items that I purchased at that time were not exactly what I needed for my particular house, but since it was all that was available at that store, I purchased the items. Many things in my home remained un-childproofed due to the fact that I wasn't able to locate products that were compatible with the way my home was constructed. Not only does your site have incredible selection, but there is a CLEAR picture and thorough explanation of EVERY item that you have available. Every single item that I was looking for 3 years ago when I was unable to childproof my home due to lack of selection, I found in less than 3 minutes of exploring your site!!!! I cannot say how grateful I am to have found your site. I bookmarked your home page for myself & I forwarded your info to my 2 sisters who both have multiple children younger than mine!. " Kelly Goggans 

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