The Best Baby Safety Gate Mounting Options

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Installing a child safety gate or pet gate is not always easy, especially at the top of the stairs. Each house can have different mounting conditions  that can affect installation such as  hollow walls, banister posts, baseboards, baluster spindles, and more. Fortunately there are gate mounting kits available that can make it much easier to get your safety gates installed properly. Below are the merits of each available gate kit.

KidCo K100 Gate Mounting Kit:

The KidCo K100 Gate Mounting Kit is helpful for many mounting conditions and can save several trips to the lumber yard. This kit includes the materials and fasteners necessary to install the gate on wood banister's, hollow walls, walls with baseboards, or wrought iron railings. The included strip of wood allows for gate hardware to be installed onto it instead of wood banisters or wrought iron railings.

KidCo K12 Hole Free Post Gate Kit:

The KidCo K12 Gate Mounting Kit doesn't require drilling into staircase banister post woodwork for the installation of your safety gate. Simply attach top and bottom clamps to your post and then attach the included wood strip to the clamps. You can then attach your safety gate onto the wood strip. It works on both round and square posts.

Baluster Mount Safety Gate Installation Kit:

The GM6 Baluster Mount Safety Gate Installation Kit gives you the ability to mount a child safety gate between two small wood or metal balusters (spindles). It's an ideal solution if you are installing a baby gate where you can't attach your safety gate to a newel post or wall. Each kit comes with a wood attachment, top & bottom clamps and all hardware needed.

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