Top Ten Ways to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is full of potential dangers to your child. Many of these dangers can be avoided by using the proper baby proofing products and techniques.

  1. Keep your dishwasher latched at all times. Add the caustic soap only when you are ready to use it. By keeping your dishwasher closed with a dishwasher safety latch you will limit your child's access to knives, glasses, etc.
  2. Use the back burners on your stove, and turn the pot handles to the back. Install a stove guard barrier to thwart young hands.
  3. Use an oven lock to prevent access to the hot oven.
  4. Use cabinet latches at the under-sink cabinet if you store cleaning products here. Or move them to a higher out-of-reach cabinet. It is also important to use cabinet latches on all drawers and cabinets which contain knives, glass, sharp objects, plastic bags, seasonings, and liquor.
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher in the Kitchen. Also make sure family members old enough to use the fire extinguisher know its location.
  6. Move all appliances to rear of counter and secure any dangling cords so that kids can't reach them.
  7. Always strap child into the high chair to avoid a potential fall.
  8. Keep all emergency numbers by the phone, including Poison Control.
  9. Use stove knob covers to prevent child use of stove top.
  10. Use a refrigerator latch to keep your child away from breakable objects, and objectionable food.

By following these ten guidelines you will have created a much safer environment for your child while they are in the kitchen. Along with giving yourself some peace of mind, knowing you have taken care of the potential hazards.

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