Window Fall Prevention


Unfortunately open windows on an upper story of a building provide a real threat to the safety of young children. Kids can be drawn to an open window and push the screen out leading to a fall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued a warning to all parents and caregivers because of the frequent occurrence of such accidents. Children younger than five years old account for approximately one-third of the reported fatalities. 

The windows of your home should be checked very carefully. To help prevent injuries and tragedies we recommend the following safety tips: 

  • Never depend on screens to keep children from falling. They can be dislodged.
  • Move furniture away from windows so that children cannot climb up to a window.
  • Install Window Stops so that windows cannot be opened more than 4 inches.
  • Install Window Guards or bars to prevent access. These have an emergency release for emergency exit.
  • If you have Double Hung windows, open them from the top whenever possible.
  • Window Blinds and Drapery cords should be wound up in Cord Wraps and placed high out of a child's reach. Entanglement in cords can cause strangulation or other harm.
  • Remove the handles for casement and crank-out windows so that young kids cannot open those